Obstetrics and Gynecology

Please don't forget to wear the shoe covers!

For OB/GYN here's how it works. 8 people go to Children's, 8 go to Suburban for the first 3 weeks and then you switch. However, if there are more than 16 people, the remainder go to Sisters. You'll pick out of a hat. Also once you pick, you can switch sites and partners. The best thing about OB/Gyn is that it is a nice mix of medicine and surgery. The first 3 weeks are likely at Children's where you will get most of your labor & delivery experience. The 2nd 3 weeks are at Suburban where you will see most of your gyn surgeries.

At Children's you will deliver lots of placentas and the occasional baby as well as assist on plenty of C-sections for interesting high-risk pregnancies that are only dealt with at Children's. You also go to the Women's clinic to provide antenatal care and diagnose the occassional STD. You will learn to master the sterile speculum exam. You must be at the hospital by 5:30AM most mornings, where you will round on post-partum's and give a brief one-liner presentation at morning rounds at 7AM. There are four 24-hour call days where you will learn what it is really like to be in OB. You get out what u put into this: Technically, u can nap whenever u want, BUT they will NOT wake-up you up for deliveries or C-sections. So, if u want to participate, you pretty much have to stay up most of the night.

At Suburban, you will see more hysterectomies than u could ever want to see. But there are also a bunch of other kinds of surgeries including laparascopic tubal ligation, ovarian cystectomy, pelvic support procedures, and even retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for various gyn cancer staging. This is a great opportunity to get accustomed to the operating room - scrubbing in, suctioning, suturing, knot tying - before u do the Surgery rotation, if that is what u are interested in. You also do some labor & delivery, but not nearly as much as Children's since most of the patient's at 'Burban are private. So if u are interested in L&D, then make sure u particpate while at Children's.

In terms of evaluations: There are a total of 32 residents that u can possibly work with during this rotation, so you will not have extensive contact with any one resident. Instead of trying to cater to the residents, just be proactive, put the patient first, and hopefully a few of the residents will rememeber you.

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