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31by wakka_x_3wakka_x_3
23 Sep 2007 01:38Jump!
Deleted forum discussions should go here.
21by fibonaccifibonacci
17 Jan 2008 05:49Jump!
How to Use This Forum
Information about getting started on posting.
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22by futureUBmsfutureUBms
17 Jul 2011 20:34Jump!
MS Year 1
Where to begin...
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Gross Anatomy Fundamentals GI etc.
33by UBmedUBmed
24 Apr 2009 02:11Jump!
23by ILovePinkILovePink
28 Oct 2008 02:31Jump!
14by k-dizzlek-dizzle
19 Nov 2008 02:22Jump!
12by whereamifrommwhereamifromm
19 Nov 2008 01:33Jump!
11by wakka_x_3wakka_x_3
05 Oct 2007 04:54Jump!
13by medical studentmedical student
30 Nov 2007 22:05Jump!
Research or travel? Relax or volunteer?
34by somysomysomy21somysomysomy21
17 Jan 2008 05:03Jump!
MS Year 2
Now that you have 1 year under your belt...what to do to escape "the imposter" syndrome of being a medical student and feel like you are actually going to be a doctor someday??? How to survive the full-blown organ module and prepare for the Step 1.
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24by BuffFan08BuffFan08
31 Oct 2008 18:23Jump!
29by BustajumzBustajumz
27 Oct 2008 03:58Jump!
24by ILovePinkILovePink
19 Nov 2008 03:50Jump!
13by (account deleted)
05 Feb 2009 21:44Jump!
11by wakka_x_3wakka_x_3
04 Oct 2007 02:44Jump!
68by ILovePinkILovePink
30 Oct 2008 20:32Jump!
Studying / (in)sanity tips for those who seek it.
33by wakka_x_3wakka_x_3
12 Apr 2008 17:40Jump!
Clinical Clerkship Year 3
How to start in the hospitals.
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Books? Schedules? Etc
48by ILovePinkILovePink
24 Jan 2009 16:19Jump!
24by wakka_x_3wakka_x_3
17 Aug 2008 04:59Jump!
11by she_speaksshe_speaks
14 Nov 2007 03:09Jump!
22by RedSox_RuleRedSox_Rule
05 Nov 2007 21:35Jump!
22by RedSox_RuleRedSox_Rule
20 Jan 2008 06:41Jump!
33by wakka_x_3wakka_x_3
08 Jul 2008 23:58Jump!
What to take???
23by (account deleted)
06 Nov 2008 21:00Jump!
How to find them, how to choose, how to apply???
310by wakka_x_3wakka_x_3
28 Jan 2009 02:17Jump!
WHOA!!! How do I do this!?!?
12by KupfferKupffer
25 Nov 2008 19:11Jump!
22by (account deleted)
09 Feb 2009 21:21Jump!
Clinical Clerkship Year 4
Last year to go...feeling invincible yet? Have you submitted your ERAS? Are you feeling the senior slide?
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12by BuffFan08BuffFan08
31 Oct 2008 18:52Jump!
Who do I ask?
24by (account deleted)
06 Nov 2008 19:29Jump!
33by wakka_x_3wakka_x_3
05 Jan 2009 00:12Jump!
learn from the mistakes and triumphs of fellow classmates...
46by rampagez99rampagez99
06 Dec 2009 04:38Jump!
36by (account deleted)
09 Feb 2009 21:14Jump!
22by wakka_x_3wakka_x_3
14 Feb 2009 23:45Jump!
Residents and Alumni!
We haven't (really) forgotten about you...
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Is it possible?
11by fibonaccifibonacci
17 Jan 2008 06:01Jump!
Life Outside of Medical School
eg. FAMILY!!! Friends!!! Social!!!
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12by fibonaccifibonacci
27 Feb 2008 04:32Jump!
......for the deeper thinkers out there. What's the Meaning of Life (besides the number 42)?
Miscellaneous notes
Anything else you want to post that doesn't fit any other category...
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(your chance to practice general criticisms in a professional and creative manner...)
11by wakka_x_3wakka_x_3
09 Jul 2008 00:09Jump!
A place to talk about this website, and how it has helped you in your medical school experience (thus encouraging others to post and contribute)
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Please share for others how this site has impacted your medical school experience.
Suggest ways this site/forum can be improved.

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